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DEGONG Loaders Marching to Russia while “World Cup” in Full Swing

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The FIFA World Cup Russia is in full swing, and hundreds of millions of fans are watching nervously. And DG938N loaders that “dressed up” and waited for a long time were loaded on transporters early today to march to Russia.


Are DEGONG loaders also to watch the football game? No, DEGONG loaders, an old friend of Russian users, are to provide project construction help to the customer. DEGONG loaders have been providing services to Russian customers for nearly a decade, and have become a good helper liked and trusted by Russian users owing to their mature and stable product performance and constantly upgraded and optimized product quality.

DEGONG took the historic step in the international market early in May 2007 with the signing of the big order worth RMB 200 million with Ukraine; thereafter, it has successively developed and established agents in countries like Russia, Canada, Iran, Egypt, Ghana, Cuba, Qatar, and Oman, for DEGONG loaders to start to provide countries and regions with project construction services.


Over 10,000 loaders have been accumulatively exported from the country during January-May 2018, growing by 36.4%  year on year, and 4,789 3t loaders were exported, accounting for 48% of the total exported. The model of all this batch of DEGONG exported to Russia is 938N loader. DEGONG 3t loaders are the earliest loaders produced by DEGONG, and upon a myriad of technology updates, they will help Russian customers and cheer for the World Cup through more mature and stable performance and state!


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