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DG965N-II: A Well Received Quality Loader

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It was a summer day under the blazing sun, but Mr. Wang from Jinan, Shandong was driving a loader and busy in high spirits. His sand and gravel factory has been working thanks to the large number of projects commenced this year. Mr. Wang said, “We’ve been loading sand and gravel around the clock using products of Degong, which have good quality, save fuel, and are powerful and trouble-free. All our loaders in this factory are from Degong.”


According to the previous project situation, June and July should be off season for project construction, however, this year is different. According to the industry statistics, 25 major loader manufacturers of the country have accumulatively sold 55,000 loaders this year, growing by 36.6% year on year, wherein, the loaders above 5t account for 65.5% of the total. The demand for infrastructure construction is strong, driving the off season of the loader market to become not “off”. DG965N-II loader, a model above 5t, has become a hot sale product that is widely received and liked by customers owing to its large breakout force, strong power, energy conservation and high efficiency, driving comfort, and high cost performance.


Let’s check the specific configuration and characteristics of DG965N-II:

With the 6t-specific planetary power shift transmission, four-element hydraulic torque converter, and enhanced drive axle, the loader does not only have a compact structure and high reliability, but also has large bearing capability and adapts to heavy loading and severe conditions.

It uses Weichai’s new-generation turbocharged common-rail engine that meets the China III emission standard, and is equipped with 93 desert air filter, with low emission, low noise, low fuel consumption, clear energy-saving effect, stable performance, and strong power.

The WP multifunctional multi-power fuel saving switch is equipped, for the computer program to control the fuel consumption according to different working conditions.

It has the high-precision stepping-motor combined instrument, imported high-end sensors, and LCD with sound-light alarm, and can be matched with DG-8000 remote control and management system, for more convenient detection and maintenance and more scientific equipment management.

As a unit newly optimized and designed by computer, it has lifting capacity that is improved 6.8% than similar products of the industry. The frame structure is in heavy load design, and adopts the locating structure that is a national patent, providing ultra-strong bearing capability.


The new steel-structure cab provides a wide horizon and large room for operation; the cab is full covered with flame retardant interior, to provide more safety from the design; the ROPS/FOPS cab is optional, and the air-conditioning and heating systems can be equipped, to make the operator more comfortable and safer.

Degong does not only devote itself to the improvement of product technology and quality, but also focuses on customers’ demands in terms of driving comfort, maintenance convenience, and operation safety, etc. 965N-II loader is a high-quality and cost-effective product elaborated to cater for multiple demands of users.

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