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Degong’s Meeting Customer Demands through Customization Services

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The customized 956N lengthened and reinforced log grasper of Degong has recently been formally delivered to the customer, which is a personalized product tailored for a large board company in Shandong. Degong’s technology department, in order to meet the operation demand of the company, has specially made this lengthened and reinforced tooth log grasper according to the customer’s working condition and characteristics of use, to satisfy the customer’s demand to the greatest extent, which has been highly praised by the customer.



Degong’s differentiated products have been well received over the years owing to their specific, personalized, and professional design and satisfaction of professional demands for different conditions. The Chinese manufacturing industry is currently shifting from the traditional “mass production + mass marketing” industrial age to the consumer-led “demand customization + big data marketing + manufacturing participation” model. Degong provides customers with more personalized services by taking customer satisfaction as the purpose, being oriented by market, and gradually tackling technology difficulties.


Degong has produced various differentiated products, including the log grasper customized for the wood industry, the rock handler produced for the mining industry, the long reach and extra-large bucket designed for the coal industry, the rock sieve bucket, angle cleaner, tractor, and roadrailer, etc., to not only enrich the product portfolio and improve technology R&D capacity, but also increase brand awareness while being well received by customers.

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