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NEWS CENTERDegong was one of the first enterprise that have gained the Manufacture License of Special Equipment and passed the assessment of “National Safety Enterprise”. Degong has passed the evaluation of provincial level enterprise management and on-site management. And Degong products have won the Science and Technology Achievement Award of Shandong Province for multiple times......

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The past sixty years of sheer endeavors are unforgettable and exciting.A great new journey begins, and never forget why we started

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-- Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Degong Machinery

Sixty years pass, and many efforts and achievements stay here.
In a blink of an eye, Shandong Degong Machinery Co., Ltd. has gone through sixty years.
Over the past 60 years, several generations of Degong people worked hard and made great progress, drawing a magnificent picture, aggressive, pioneering and innovative.
Over the past 60 years, several generations of Degong people moved forward despite of wind and rain, writing a long epic that does not forget their initial thoughts and persistence.
Over the six decades,
Degong completed a historic turn.
From a small ship repair shop, it has developed into a professional machinery manufacturer which integrates scraping, construction and maintenance, possessing of five-category products, including wheel loader, bituminous pavement cold recycler, cement pavement crusher, wheeled bulldozer and wheeled excavator. In 2018, it officially joined Shandong Heavy Industry Group, and became an important part of construction machinery sector, which is about to usher in a new era of enterprise great-leap-forward development.
Time flies, when we open the dusty files,
We feel that the development of Degong in every stage, seems to be at yesterday.
Today, let us walk into Degong together,
And look through the history of sixty-year hard work.
In 1958, Degong was built. On the east bank of Dezhou section of Zhanghe-Wehe Canal, the new 18,000 m2 Degong factory was built. It was called Dezhou Ship Maintenance Factory of Zhanghe-Wehe Canal Shipping Bureau of Shandong Provincial Transportation Department, affiliated to the Canal Shipping Bureau of Shandong Provincial Transportation Department, focusing on ship maintenance and repair.



In 1965, the water flow of Zhanghe-Wehe Canal was intermittent, which can navigate only during the flood season. The golden waterway with more than 700-year history lost its former glory, which shrank the shipbuilding industry.
In 1966, the ship repair factory organized 15 technicians and manufacturing employees to study 5CQA five-ton forklift (internal-burning forklift truck) after learning for half a month at Dalian forklift factory. By 1968, the five-ton forklift was successfully trial-produced. Then, the repair factory had 373 employees, and the annual industrial output value exceeded RMB one million.


In 1974, Degong people began to develop loader based on the 5CQ-A five-ton forklift. In 1978, Degong ZLSJ30 spliced loader passed the prototype test, becoming one of the earliest loader manufacturers in China. During this period, Degong people made painstaking efforts on product research and development, and received fruitful results. All of these indicated that Degong people took innovation as the only way to explore the development of enterprise.


By 1980, the company had manufactured more than 500 forklift trucks, which were widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, ports and terminals within and outside the province. It made certain contributions to the construction of transportation systems, and laid foundation for the survival and development of enterprise.


In 1981, ZLSJ-30 3-ton loader was honored with the third prize of Science Progress Award in Shandong Province. In May, it was renamed as Dezhou Handling Machinery Repair Factory affiliated to Transport Department, Shandong Province. In this special historical time, the company was still relentlessly pursuing new goals of product research and development, and looking for new development opportunities. The company tried to develop JT1-type one-ton container, vehicle and fuel consumption meter, ZL30A and ZL45 type loader, 1.5-ton agricultural trailer, ZQG07 five-ton automobile full trailer, and undertook the manufacturing of automobile brands over the whole province.



In 1988, the company implemented contract management, and comprehensively promoted enterprise management and technical innovation. The ZQG07 full trailer was rated as a provincial high-quality product, and maintained its provincial title for seven consecutive years since then.
In 1991, the ZL30B loader passed the provincial appraisal, and the company changed its name to Dezhou Traffic Construction Machinery Factory of Shandong Province, determining loader as the leading product.
In 1995, the company was awarded as the "Advanced enterprise of Scientific and Technological Progress of Provincial Transportation System" by Shandong Provincial Communication Department, and ZL30B loader was awarded as "Brand Product of China Light" by China Quality Inspection Association. The company has basically formed a multi-variety, serialized production pattern with loader as the leading product.



In 1997, the ZL40 loader was developed. At the same year, the LX1000 road milling machine and WB400 medium-stabilized soil mixer began to develop. The company's research and development extended to the road machinery.
At the end of 1997, the gross industrial output value increased from 5.95 million yuan in 1987 to 40.07 million yuan; product sales revenue increased from 5.89 million yuan to 45 million yuan; profits and taxes increased from 40,000 yuan to 1.65 million yuan; fixed assets increased from 7.82 million yuan to 29.39 million yuan.
In 1998, the company joined Shandong Construction Machinery Group, and officially changed its name to Shandong Degong Machinery Co., Ltd. It marked a new step in the road of modern enterprise system reform. The company seized opportunity to jointly develop YZ series road roller, WB400 Medium-stabilized Soil Mixing Machine, WS300 Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant, LX1000 Road Milling Machine, LD25 Multi-purpose Loader and other road maintenance machinery with Tianjin Construction Machinery Research Institute and other units, which formed a pattern of simultaneous development of loaders and road-building machinery.




In 2001, Shandong Degong achieved a gross industrial output value of 88 million yuan and an increased gross industrial output value of 24 million yuan, manufactured 590 loaders and 19 road machinery, sold 618 sets of load and road machinery. The sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, and realized 5 million yuan tax.
In 2002, in Dezhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dezhou Degong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established to test the first bituminous pavement cold recycler in China.


In 2005, bituminous pavement cold recycler began to sell. The cold recycler filled the domestic gap. The main technical performance was at advanced level in the late 1990s. It can fully meet the needs of cold recycling of old bituminous pavement in China, which can replace imported products and reserve new economic growth points for enterprises.
At the end of 2005, the leadership team was re-adjusted. When the new team took office, they put forward the strategic development ideas, with loader protection to keep stable and road machinery to gain development And in 2006, the running began to grow restoratively.
In 2007, the company implemented the "going out" strategy and ushered in a new breakthrough in the market. In early 2007, an import and export company was set up, and an agent was set up in Ukraine. A large order of 30 million yuan was signed with Ukraine, achieving zero breakthrough in export market. By the end of 2007, the products basically covered four continents.


In 2007, a gross industrial output value of 238 million yuan was achieved with a year-on-year increase of 22%; an increased gross industrial output value of 35 million yuan was achieved with the year-on-year increase of 28%; the sales income reached to 220 million yuan with a year-on-year increase of 29%, of which exports earned 2.7 million US dollars; profits and taxes of 5 million yuan was completed.
Through nearly three years of hard work, the company achieved the goal of maintaining stability with loader and promoting development with road machinery.
In 2009, the company tried make cement pavement breakage.



In 2015, the mountain wheel loader manufacturing base was established and the DGL700N Mechanical Pavement Cold Recycler was trial-produced.



In 2016, the DGL550N Mechanical Cold Recycler and Wheeled Bulldozer were produced.




In 2017, the company developed a prototype wheeled excavator.

So far, the company has formed the multi-faceted business development trend, with the wheel loader, wheel bulldozer, wheeled excavator as the leading product, and the bituminous pavement cold recycler and cement pavement crusher as the economic growth point.
In November 2017, Tan Xuguang, the chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, came to the company for investigation and admitted the company's operation and management. In June 2018, Degong officially joined Shandong Heavy Industry Group and became an important part of the Group's construction machinery sector. At the moment of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Degong Machinery, Degong is getting a new turn in history and has joined a new platform of development. It is a heavy historical scroll of Degong, adding a new wonderful chapter.



Looking back on the 60-year ups and downs of Degong, several generations from Degong finally getting the 60th anniversary of establishment with never changed minds and persisted in the fierce market competition. Degong workers have the spirit of solidarity and hard struggle, also has experienced the pain during the period of transformation of our main business as well as the brilliance of the period of breakthrough and development, and the hardships of the period of market downturn. Degong stands at a new starting point of history and
enters into a new era of historical development after a cycle of sixty years.


New future is born from the new platform. After joining in Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Degong must go with the high spirit of fighting, centuple confidence to step into a new journey, and then reopen a new chapter!

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