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For Dream Catcher - Degong Road Machinery Will Open Up Broad Roads

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Diligent people have more good chances, and time will never wait for you. The spring in the north came earlier this year. The diligent engineering workers have commenced the construction in the warm spring. Efficiency is of great importance in engineering construction. The pavement cold recyclers ordered by the customers from Shaanxi at Degong's Road Machinery Business Conference have been fully packed and departed to Shaanxi this morning, which will assist customers in construction.




As China made more investment in infrastructure construction, especially in road construction investment for the past few years, both road reconstruction and expansion projects, and grade improvement projects of county and township roads with lower design standards have continued to grow, in which Degong road machinery has been widely used, and has received the trust of more and more customers by virtue of the good performance and high product quality, becoming an indispensable equipment for road construction.



Degong PSJ new series of concrete pavement breaker


    When it comes to the upgrading and reconstruction of low-standard roads, especially the upgrading and reconstruction of concrete pavement, "Hercules" – PSC series of concrete pavement breaker of Degong will inevitably occur to the engineer's mind. The breaker is generally used first in the process of repairing the broken concrete pavement. Degong PSJ series of multi-hammer concrete pavement breaker, a self-propelled pavement maintenance machine for breaking the broken old white concrete pavement, is designed with larger hammer, stronger force and more uniform crushing compared with the traditional hydraulic breaker. This breaker, featuring high equipment utilization, simple damage process, and low construction cost, can solve the maintenance problems of broken concrete pavement and is applicable to various old white concrete pavements, such as highways, airports, squares, urban roads, rated as a preferred equipment in upgrading and reconstruction of different levels of broken concrete pavements. 



After breaking the old pavement, Degong DGL460 pavement cold recycler, a multi-functional hydraulic drive construction machine, will be used for the upgrading and reconstruction of old bituminous pavement of county and township roads, that is, base course cold-recycling. The overall frame design enables the recycler flexible steering and convenient movement. The whole machine weights 18 tons, making loading and transition more convenient. Therefore, it is applicable for the on-site stirring operation of base course and subbase stabilized soil of highways, urban and rural roads, airports, wharfs, parking lots and squares as a multi-function product.  


DGL460 cold recycler


For the recycling operations of higher-grade water-stable gravel and lime-fly ash stabilized aggregate base course, pavement recycling of higher-grade national roads, provincial roads, urban and rural roads, as well as stabilized soil stirring and other on-site operations of base course and subbase of airports, wharfs and parking lots, another type of Degong's pavement cold recycler - DGL550N, featuring mechanical drive, national grade-III emission, large power, reliable performance, high efficiency and energy conservation, will be used. The whole machine is designed with hydrostatic drive technology in travelling. The front and rear support wheels are suspended by four-column cylinders that can be used for separate lifting control and can realize the recycling operations at lateral slopes.   



However, Degong's 700N cold recycler will be used for the on-site recycling operation of old bituminous pavement of national and provincial trunk roads, urban roads and other high-grade highways with water-stable gravel as base course, and stabilized oil stirring of base course and subbase of new roads, airports, wharfs, parking lots, etc.

In terms of Degong series of road machinery, serialization products covering various road grades have been formed. When various projects are commencing in 2019, road machinery pavement machinery will serve as a pioneer for your way as a dream catcher, and open up broad roads for your moving ahead.

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