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The 2020 service manager training course of "New DEGONG, New Starting and New Development" has been successfully completed

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In order to further enhance the service ceremony of service personnel and improve the service level of our company, we held a nearly one-week training course for service managers from September 1 to 6. More than 30 service managers participated in the training.

This training included subjects of training, such as service process, loader knowledge, engine performance characteristics, transmission principle etc.

In the whole training process, the classroom learning atmosphere was up-surged and the students listened carefully and recorded the important knowledge points in the courseware. Teachers of each subject explained in various ways, striving to make students participate in the training personally to gain the knowledge indeed.

Through the training, the students not only mastered the practical skills, but also enriched the theoretical knowledge, which laid a foundation for being more competent for the present work and future work.
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