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DGL400 Road Cold Recycler

DGL400 Road Cold Recycler

Degong DGL series road cold recycler is a multifunctional road machinery. It is mainly used for the upgrade of old asphalt road, i.e. cold recycling of the road base. It can also be used for the onsite mixing of stabilized soil for the base and subbase of highway, suburb road, airport, dock, parking lot and square. During the cold recycling of road base, it works together with the water spraying system; it cuts the old asphalt road and regenerated the waste materials, then the regenerated materials are mixed and graded by the grader, compacted by the road roller, and paved by the paver, and finally the asphalt road is regenerated.
The machine will not be compromised under tough weather conditions. It features high speed operation, and it makes full use of the old materials on the spot, which saves resources and protects the environment. And it can reinforce the road bed and improve the road grade. As it reduces the construction cost and greatly improves the social benefits and economic profits, it has become the first choice for the upgrade construction of various grades of asphalt road.

Machine ModelDGL400
EngineModel NTA-855-C400
Rated powerKW298
Recycling/mixing widthmm2310
Recycling/mixing depthmm0-400
Operating speedm/min0-15
Travel speedKm/h 0-18
Gross weightkg18000
Drive type Front wheel drive
Dimension (L×W×H mm) mm8760×3270×3520
• It adopts environment-friendly Cummins engine, featuring strong power, reliable performance, high efficiency and energy-saving. DGL600/600J adopt Cummins K series engine, and SRR400 adopts Cummins N series engine.
• It adopts hydrostatic drive technology and all the main drive parts adopt Sauer or Rexroth pumps and motors. The drive system for travel and milling operation adopt closed hydraulic system.
• DGL600/DGL600J adopts double axle drive, full hydraulic steering, featuring high driving force and stable steering.
• The lifting and lowering of the milling cutter, and the open and close of the tail gate are all controlled by solenoid valve, featuring convenient and flexible control.
• The front and rear tires adopt low base and low pressure tire specially for the use of construction machinery, featuring good vibration absorption and large traction force.
• The sealed cab is equipped with air conditioner, which greatly improves the operating environment.

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