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Ukraine Agent visited DEGONG Once More

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In April, sunny and warm spring, DEGONG’s old friend, Ukrainian agent,Ivan and his party, came to visit DEGONG headquarters.

Photo of DEGONG leaders and Ukraine Agent in 2018

Speaking of the cooperation and friendship between DEGONG and Ukraine agent, it can be described as a long history. As early as 2007, the DEGONG implemented the "going out" marketing strategy. In May of the same year, and signed wheel loader export contract of 25 million US dollar value with the Ukrainian Petronick, setting largest export order record in domestic construction machinery industry at that time. It marked the official entry of DEGONG loaders into the European market. In June, the first batch of DG956 loaders was shipped to Ukraine.


Photo of DEGONG leaders and Ukraine Agent in 2007

On August 21, 2007(Ukraine local time), the opening ceremony of the assembly plant for Chinese (Degong) loader in Ukraine was held and the local mayor served as the chairman of the meeting. Yushchenko, Ukrainian President at that time, Mr. Tang Dayong, Chairman of Dezhou Degong Machinery Co., Ltd., and Mr. Petro, Chairman of Ukraine Petronick Company attended the ceremony and cut the ribbon. Ukrainian President Yushchenko made a speech and he spoke highly of the cooperation between China and Ukraine and wished the transaction could become a model of China-Ukrainian cooperation and a bridge of friendship.


For more than ten years, the friendship between DGONG and Ukrainian agents has deepened, and the business cooperation has been strengthened. From the classic 938, 956 loaders, to the upgraded N series, which is new environmentally friendly products, such as 926N, 938N, 956N, and 966N, The excellent quality and stable performance of DEGONG products have won the Ukrainian users’ trust, and Ukraine has also become one of the important markets of DEGONG .

Upgraded wheel loaders DEGONG exports to Ukraine

During the visit this time, Ukraine agent checked the new appearance of the DEGONG loader, and the design concept of the DEGONG new product was also praised and recognized by Ukrainian friends. At the same time, they had a keen interest in new cold recycler products. The renewable energy-saving, environmental-friendly, and recycling-based technologies have also been appreciated by Ivan and his party and they hopes to have further cooperation in the cold recycler field.


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