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Degong Loaders Start to Be Delivered to Various Places in the Construction Season

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Mr. Zhang of Shandong Renewable Resources Company is very happy these days, because when the construction is around the corner in the new spring, another two favorite Degong 953N loaders were timely delivered to him. This time, it is really awesome to start work! Since he purchased two Degong 953N loaders in 2018, Mr. Zhang has become more fond of Degong loaders. "Degong loaders have stable quality, high speed, high efficiency. What's more important, they are fuel-efficient." That is a fair evaluation on Degong 953N loaders given by Mr. Zhang. The year of the pig is going smoothly. Shandong, as a test area of new and old kinetic energy conversion, still sees an increasing trend in capital construction projects this year. Mr. Zhang said that the construction started early this year. As efficiency plays a key role in project construction, he decided to change all his eight sets of equipment into Degong products.






Almost at the same time, the transporter carrying Degong 956H loaders was slowly driving into a large company in Shanxi. In 2019, according to the group's 2020-2030 plan of engineering machinery products, combined with the development direction of product technologies and the trend of market demand, as well as the standard requirements of "type", "model" and "version" on products, the company optimized the integration of loader products, and has formed newly upgraded H-series products from 2 tons to 9 tons in 6 types, 9 models and 18 versions, including standard version, coal version, mining version, plateau version, desert version, fork version and other versions, which can meet various demands of customers in different working conditions. The most favorite for Shanxi customers should be 956H coal version and mining version accordingly and specially designed based on different working conditions. For customers, the right thing is the best.



Hebei customers prefer Degong 965H-II, whose panoramic and new-type cab with super-large space and newly upgraded interior meet the demand of customers on driving comfort. User-friendly armrest design is increased to the pilot-operated hydraulic control, which gives more comfortable and convenient operation. The reinforced frame design is more suitable for severe working conditions. WP multi-power fuel-saving switch can help control the fuel consumption, which is more fuel-efficient.

The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. The spring of 2019 has just begun, while the engineering machinery industry is already in full swing. The hardworking engineers have begun to assemble equipment, ready for the good work this year. Different models of Degong loader products can meet different demands of customers. With quality and strength, Degong loaders will provide various solutions for customers.

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